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  • Required CPD Points To Renew PRC License - OFW
    Accountants, engineers, medical professionals, teachers, and even real estate brokers) to get additional training (CPD) before renewing their license or before you can renew PRC license online This bill is known as the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Act of 2015
  • CPD Units for OFW Registered and Licensed Professionals . . .
    After the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) released the announcement of full implementation of the revised Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program on 2017, I have been receiving lots of questions from registered Filipino professionals who are currently working abroad
  • GrayScripts | How To Renew PRC ID and License with CPD Points
    PRC ID and License Renewal with CPD Last August 25, 2017 I renewed my PRC ID under the new CPD Law which was effective last July I renewed my PRC ID in PRC CDO Here's what I have learned during my PRC renewal with CPD Please make sure to apply for an online appointment with PRC before proceeding with any PRC Office
  • Guide on How to Renew PRC Online Application - OFW
    We here at OFW Update made a guide on how to renew PRC online application! PRC named this system as Licensure Examination and Registration Information System or LERIS V2 You can use this newly implemented system to renew your license and to apply for the licensure examination
  • How to Earn CPD units for PRC License Renewal - 2017
    L ast October, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) officially released a statement as regards the full implementation of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) compliance in the first parts of this year
  • Re-evaluate the CPD requirements for PRC license renewal
    Junzen Lavapie started this petition to Chairman - Professional Regulation Commission Teofilo S Pilando, Jr , and 1 other As professionals in the Philippines, we strive hard to make a living for our families
  • Required CPD Points To Renew PRC License. . . - 911 . . .
    Required CPD Points To Renew PRC License If you are a PRC license holder then read up, there is a new law requiring all regulated professions (eg
  • How to Earn CPD Units for PRC License Renewal | Nurse Hussein
    On October 17, 2016, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) of the Philippines released a statement regarding the full implementation of CPD compliance in the first quarter of 2017 Under RA 10912, CPD unit requirement is mandatory for all professionals before they can renew their PRC licenses

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