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  • How do you say vacation in Hawaiian? ? | Yahoo Answers
    House to the State Capitol, Honolulu could be the vivid epicentre of Hawaii and a city worth visit, as you might find with hotelbye In Honolulu you will find every thing from historic landmarks and treasured monuments to world-class shopping and a flourishing arts and culture scene
  • What is the hawaiian word for enjoy - wiki. answers. com
    How do i say enjoy your vacation in hawaiian? hoʻohoihoi kŠhoʻomahana dashes are pauses hoe-o hoy hoy koh ho-oh ma haw nah ^^ like Omaha steaks but a little slower
  • how to say good eating or enjoy your meal in hawaiian . . .
    How do you say "good eating enjoy your meal" in different languages? What did you never eat as a child but now enjoy and why ? Eating hawaiian baby woodrose seeds aka LSA
  • How Do You Say, Enjoy Your Vacation In French? - Blurtit
    “Enjoy your vacation” is bonnes vacances in French “Bonnes Vacances!” Bonnes vacances literally translates as “good vacation,” but it’s used the way we’d say “happy holidays” or “merry Christmas” in English
  • Enjoy Your Vacation Wishes - Vacation Messages - WishesMsg
    Enjoy Your Vacation Wishes – Vacation Messages Vacation Messages : Vacation is always a great chance to relax and helps us to gain a healthy mentally, lots of refreshment by both mentally or physically
  • Enjoy Your Vacation Messages - Jolly Greets
    Do you have a friend or family member travelling soon? Are you considering a nice gesture like a hand-written ‘enjoy your vacation’ card? If so, and you are not sure what to say, below are some ideas of great messages you can write your friend or family member before they take that journey to vacationing freedom!
  • Hawaiian translation - Hawaii Forum - TripAdvisor
    I wanted to congratulate you on your upcoming wedding and I hope you enjoy your honeymoon Hawaii is a magical place The islands and the hawaiian people, the aloha spirit, will enter your soul and you will forever be changed You will take it with you wherever you go Blessings on your special day and your new life
  • how do you say enjoy or have a nice day in hawaiian . . .
    Best Answer: hunh well, you could say Ahui Hou, "good bye" Luana, or walea Have a nice day = I la maika'i nou Ok enjoy you day ima nidi ot "have a nice day" might simply be "lā maika'i"

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